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I had big plans for the blog, then I setup the shop. I am not sure that was a good or a bad thing! It is great fun, but also very time consuming and the hobby as become work, so it is not always as much fun. I now spend more time flying planes […]

What a great day! I met so many fantastic people, everyone had their own take on things. Most of the time was spent at the multi-rotor flight line. I had gone with the intention of getting in a lot of flying and to capture the day in video. However I mostly chatted I did mange […]

Tri becomes two…

While driving home today (well sat at Lakeside for the best part of 2 1/2 hours in stationary traffic) I was thinking that I should do a write up on my tri-copter build. It is light weight, in-expensive and so much fun. It has more power than it needs which makes it very easy to fly and […]