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Rambles of an RC Addict

I had big plans for the blog, then I setup the shop. I am not sure that was a good or a bad thing! It is great fun, but also very time consuming and the hobby as become work, so it is not always as much fun. I now spend more time flying planes […]

What a great day! I met so many fantastic people, everyone had their own take on things. Most of the time was spent at the multi-rotor flight line. I had gone with the intention of getting in a lot of flying and to capture the day in video. However I mostly chatted I did mange […]

Tri becomes two…

While driving home today (well sat at Lakeside for the best part of 2 1/2 hours in stationary traffic) I was thinking that I should do a write up on my tri-copter build. It is light weight, in-expensive and so much fun. It has more power than it needs which makes it very easy to fly and […]

Since I started in RC, the idea of a GPS controlled machine with return to home and position hold has fascinated me. Initially I looked at the Naza Lite, at the time it felt expensive and really just something that was cool, not something I could warrant spending in excess of £200 on (the price at […]

The wind was too high today to fly so I grabbed a couple of hours to start cutting out the MK2. I have had the plans for weeks now but just not got round to cutting. I still have some more to do but should have it built ready to fly next weekend (weather dependant as always) If you […]

I could not resist building a Skycart, The one thing I did not have was the hobbyking motor mount, if they had stock in the UK warehouse I would have grabbed some but as it was only at the International warehouse I decided to improvise. I used a small piece of wood dowelling cut to […]

I am in the middle of building a hot wire CNC cutter. It is a home made wooden version using plans from I couldn’t have got where I am without the help from Keith Howlett @ his blog gave me guidance and Keith has provided help in endless replies to my emails. For this I am […]

After breaking it I patched it up using the foam-tac and plasterboard tape method. Amazing! Although my excitement didn’t last for long. Several rolls, loops and generally silliness I decided to fly inverted, it was probably about 100m+ away upside down. What did I do? Yup I pulled down instead of pushing up. Nose dived […]

My Teksumo has taken some abuse, but that is the lovely part about a cheap wing. You can abuse it and come away with a smile on your face no matter what. In the past I have split it in half  and half hour later had it back in one piece ready to fly the […]

While normally a broken plane is due to me being over confident or just plane silly, this time it was neither. It flew well, the wind  did buffet it around but it handled it well and as the wind calmed down it was fun to fly. The problem was taking the battery out, the Hobby […]

Alpha-jet Maiden

We had a break in the weather today so I grabbed the chance to take out my newly built Alpha-Jet MK1. The Alpha-jet from is a bi-wing scratch build using 6mm depron. This is capable of amazing High-Alpha and slow flying while still rolling and looping on demand.  This is my first scratch built […]

The perils of cold weather

The night before I had spent time balancing the props. They were pretty well balanced and I was looking forward to some practising at the field the next morning. With a 3 year old running around the house I put everything in the van out of the way which also meant I could just grab […]