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Since I started in RC, the idea of a GPS controlled machine with return to home and position hold has fascinated me. Initially I looked at the Naza Lite, at the time it felt expensive and really just something that was cool, not something I could warrant spending in excess of £200 on (the price at […]

The wind was too high today to fly so I grabbed a couple of hours to start cutting out the MK2. I have had the plans for weeks now but just not got round to cutting. I still have some more to do but should have it built ready to fly next weekend (weather dependant as always) If you […]

I could not resist building a Skycart, The one thing I did not have was the hobbyking motor mount, if they had stock in the UK warehouse I would have grabbed some but as it was only at the International warehouse I decided to improvise. I used a small piece of wood dowelling cut to […]